Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hit the ground dancing

We wanted to hit the ground dancing after landing in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, but traveling for almost 24 hours took it out of us. We chose sleep, empanadas and lemon pie at La Continental, and unpacking instead.
The sleep did us good, and after an exciting day of grocery shopping and negotiating with our landlord on Thursday, we went dancing.

I usually prefer El Beso on Thursday nights, but since the location had been closed for months and only just re-opened in early August, we didn't have definite confirmation that the Lujos milonga had been re-instated back to its original locale. (We now think it has re-opened so we may give it a try next week.)

We opted instead for a sure-thing and hopped on a colectivo (bus) to Salon Canning.

Canning has never been my favorite location to dance. I've been to the Parakultural milongas a few times and just never got my happy vibe. I know, I know. Everyone raves about Canning, but it has just never been magic for me. Too packed. Crazy floor craft. Too many men making verbal invitations. I like my Buenos Aires milongas traditional and get a little unnerved when the codigos are ignored.

But Thursday night was different. With Amy Calio as its new organizer, Jueves de Canning was quite pleasant. Amy even sat and chatted with us for a bit. Attendance was pretty low (probably less than 75 people), but the quality of dancing was great, as was the floor craft.

Since the crowd seemed to be mostly locals, I assumed I wouldn't dance much with anyone other than Matthew. Usually when a woman is sitting with a man, it is assumed they are dancing exclusively together, and most milongueros won't ask the woman to dance. But Matthew did a great job making it clear that he wasn't a novio celoso (jealous boyfriend) by inviting other women to dance and getting up from the table before the start of tandas to free me up for the men to cabeceo. Somehow it worked.
One porteño said he had to keep watching for my "esposo" (husband) to walk away so he could catch me like a "mariposa" (butterfly). Oh, how I have missed the charm of these Buenos Aires milongueros.


  1. Looking forward to following your blog!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! I will try to keep it up consistently. My tutor is having me use it as homework so that should mean I'll be writing three days a week for the time being.