Sunday, October 10, 2010

¡Chau, mi amiga!

Carmen was my first friend in Buenos Aires. We met at a milonga two weeks ago and bonded over our misadventures in the tango scene. She was here for a month and left today to go back to her home in Montreal.

We had a good time eating and drinking too much and schlepping from milonga to milonga. She introduced me to the Abasto Coto (the BsAs version of Super Target) and La Cabrera (a super swanky steakhouse in Palermo Soho with Argentine prices); I tried helping her master the cabeceo and loaned her my Happy Tango guidebook.

I mentioned when I first arrived in Baires that commiserating is like breathing. For the past week, Carmen helped me breathe again. We were in the same boat—solo women trying to navigate this crazy tango world. I will miss her company. ¡Chau, mi amiga!

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